Keep Autumn’s Mess at Bay and Your Garage Pristine

Leaf It Out

As the seasons change, leaves shifting from green to gold provide a picturesque backdrop to our lives. However, for garage owners, autumn’s splendor often comes with a messy downside: leaves invading the garage. These seemingly harmless intruders can attract pests, increase humidity, and even create slip hazards. Let’s explore strategies to keep your garage leaf-free this fall and beyond.

Entry Barriers:

1. Weather Stripping:

This is your first line of defense. Ensure the weather stripping around the garage door is intact and functional to prevent leaves from blowing in.

2. Door Thresholds & Sweeps:

Install a garage door threshold seal or a door sweep to close the gap between the door and the floor.

3. Mesh Screens:

If you like to keep your garage door open for ventilation, consider installing a mesh screen. It allows air in but keeps leaves and other debris out.

Outdoor Preventions:

4. Gutter Guards:

Installing gutter guards can prevent leaves from accumulating and being blown toward your garage during windy days.

5. Strategic Landscaping:

Consider trimming trees that shed leaves near your garage or even replacing them with evergreen varieties.

6. Yard Maintenance:

Regularly rake leaves and dispose of them properly to reduce the likelihood of them making their way into your garage.

Garage Design:

7. Air Curtains:

Though a more expensive option, air curtains can provide an invisible barrier of air that prevents leaves from entering when the door is open.

8. Interior Door Mats:

Place heavy-duty mats just inside the garage door to catch any leaves that do manage to get in.

Cleaning Practices:

9. Frequent Sweeping:

Make it a habit to sweep your garage floor regularly during the fall to ensure that stray leaves don’t settle.

10. Leaf Blower:

For a quicker clean-up, a leaf blower can be an effective tool to swiftly remove leaves from the garage.

11. Drainage Check:

Ensure your garage’s drainage system is leaf-free to avoid water and leaf accumulation.
Smart Technology:

12. Sensors & Alarms:

Some modern garage door systems come with sensors that can notify you if you’ve accidentally left the garage door open, thereby reducing the chance of leaf intrusion.
Keeping leaves out of your garage may seem like a never-ending battle, but with these tips from Arizona Garage Builders, you’re well-armed for the fight. Say goodbye to annoying leaf pile-ups and hello to a cleaner, more efficient garage this autumn. Leaf it to us to help you maintain a pristine space, no matter the season.

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