Enhancing Property Value with a Garage

Enhancing Property Value with a New Garage

Hello and welcome to our blog at Arizona Garage Builders, where we share everything you need to know about garages, from construction to how they can elevate your property’s value. Today, we’re focusing on how adding a garage to your property can substantially increase its value and the potential return on investment when it’s time to sell.

A Significant Boost in Property Value

Imagine being a potential home buyer and spotting a house that checks all your boxes, but it doesn’t have a garage. Now, consider another identical house that comes with a well-built, spacious garage. Which would you choose? Most people would opt for the latter without a second thought.

When we talk about residential properties, a garage isn’t just a place to park vehicles. It’s an additional secure storage space, an area for hobbies, a spot for home improvement projects, or even a potential living area. Because of these versatile uses, having a garage significantly increases a property’s appeal and, consequently, its market value.

According to a report by the real estate experts at Zillow, a garage can boost your home’s resale value by as much as 12%. Meanwhile, a study from Redfin puts this figure higher, at up to 20% in some markets. That’s an impressive return on investment.

The Type of Garage Matters

The type of garage you build also matters significantly. An attached garage that blends seamlessly with the design of the house can be more desirable to potential buyers compared to a detached garage. However, a well-designed detached garage with additional features (like an upstairs loft or a workshop space) can also be a lucrative investment.

It’s also essential to consider the size of the garage. A double garage or larger could add more value than a single garage, especially in areas where households typically have more than one car.

Garage Quality: A Key to Maximum ROI

Just like any other part of your home, the quality of the garage construction and its overall condition greatly affects the value it adds to your property. A high-quality, well-maintained garage can bring a significant return on investment when it’s time to sell.
At Arizona Garage Builders, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality, bespoke garages designed to fit our clients’ needs and built to stand the test of time. Our professional team uses only top-grade materials and complies with the highest construction standards to ensure that your garage will enhance your property’s appeal and value.

A Long-Term Investment

Building a garage is a long-term investment. It not only offers immediate benefits, like extra space for parking and storage but also improves the curb appeal of your property. When you eventually decide to sell, a well-constructed and maintained garage will yield a substantial return.

Moreover, don’t forget about the potential for rental income. Depending on local regulations, you could convert your garage into a rental unit, opening another stream of income while increasing your property’s overall value.

In conclusion, building a garage is a strategic move to increase your property value and ensure you get the most out of your investment when it’s time to sell. Whether you’re considering a simple single-car garage or a multi-car structure with extra features, Arizona Garage Builders is ready to make your vision a reality.

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