Common Garage Door Issues and How to Tackle Them

When the Door Won't Budge

A smoothly operating garage door is often taken for granted until it malfunctions. Suddenly, you find yourself unable to park your car, retrieve tools, or even securely close your garage. The good news is that not all problems require a professional fix. Here, Arizona Garage Builders outlines the main garage door issues you might encounter and how to handle them.

Why Address Garage Door Issues Promptly?

1. Security

• A malfunctioning door could pose a security risk, giving easy access to intruders.

2. Safety

• Faulty garage doors can cause accidents, potentially injuring people and damaging property.

3. Convenience

• A non-operational garage door can be a significant inconvenience, making it difficult to use your car or access stored items.

Common Garage Door Issues:

1. Door Won’t Open or Close Completely

• Possible Cause: Misaligned or obstructed sensors
• Solution: Check for obstructions and ensure the sensors are aligned.

2. Loud Noises During Operation

• Possible Cause: Lack of lubrication on tracks and rollers
• Solution: Apply a silicone-based lubricant.

3. Door Reverses Before Hitting the Ground

• Possible Cause: Sensitivity settings are too high
• Solution: Adjust the sensitivity settings according to the manufacturer’s guide.

4. Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Work

• Possible Cause: Dead batteries in the remote
• Solution: Replace the batteries in the garage door remote.

5. Door Slams Down When Closing

• Possible Cause: Broken tension springs
• Solution: This is a job for professionals; don’t attempt to replace tension springs yourself.

6. Door Gets Stuck in Tracks

• Possible Cause: Obstruction in the track or bent tracks
• Solution: Clear any obstruction or seek professional help for bent tracks.

7. The Door Opens but the Motor Continues to Run

• Possible Cause: Limit switch needs adjustment
• Solution: Adjust the limit switch settings as per the owner’s manual.

8. Door Won’t Lock

• Possible Cause: Misaligned lock bar
• Solution: Realign the locking bars into their corresponding slots.

When to Call a Professional:

• For issues involving electrical components or tension springs
• When DIY solutions have not resolved the issue
• If the door is severely off-track and could potentially fall

Final Thoughts:

While some garage door issues are simple fixes, others can be complex and dangerous to attempt on your own. Always read your manufacturer’s guidelines and don’t hesitate to contact a professional for more complicated issues. Arizona Garage Builders offers comprehensive solutions for all your garage needs, including expert garage door repairs and replacements.

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