Here is your proposal for your (1,131 sq. ft.) Detached Garage w/ 14’ CLG 

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Luxe Development Group Inc DBA Arizona Garage Builders Inc. proposes the following for your consideration for your (1,131 sq. ft.) Detached Garage w/ 14’ CLG 

For the amount of: $97,903

Luxe Development Group DBA Arizona Garage Builders Inc. Will perform the following:


Luxe Development Group Inc DBA Arizona Garage Builders Inc. shall complete permit applications and make submissions to municipality for all building and mechanical permits required. Standard permits and engineering have been included in bid.

Owner is responsible for any HOA approvals, if required.


Requirement by the state of Arizona to check for underground utilities before we dig


Property clearing such as removal of trees/brush from property within limits of disturbance and as defined for removal on site development plans not included unless specified.


Excavate for foundation to plan bottom per architectural drawings and all excavated soils to be stockpiled for use during back fill. Unsuitable soil conditions at or above plan bottom are unknowns and cannot be budgeted for prior to excavation. ie. Rock, soft clays, sinkholes, etc. these will incur additional costs of $125 per hour.

Builder will back fill foundation with existing excavated soils. Excess soils shall be graded out on property. Expenses for hauling off-site of any excess soils are excluded from agreement. Agreement does not include costs for fill dirt. If fill dirt is needed, client will be charged only for the cost of fill, grade and labor. Luxe Development Group Inc. DBA Arizona Garage Builders will not be held responsible for damage to or replacement of irrigation lines, sprinkler lines, water lines, gas lines, electric lines, phone lines or cable TV lines not shown on blue stake prior to excavation.

Exclusions from Agreement

⦿ Rock
⦿ De-watering
⦿ Unsuitable or unstable soil conditions
⦿ Hidden/Undisclosed wells, tanks, pits, etc.
⦿ Hauling expenses except as related to demolition.

Additional costs may occur based on final grade determined by the city final approval of plans.


Install foundation per plans.

Excavate as necessary, form and pour poured concrete footings per architectural plans.


Poured concrete per engineered plans to include:

⦿ Concrete Formwork
⦿ Structural Slabs
⦿ Garage Slab
⦿ Rebar

Additional costs may occur based on final grade determined by the city final approval of plans.



All lumber and framing materials sized and spaced per approved construction drawings. Materials, where applicable, to be kiln dried.

Wall sheathing shall be oriented strand board installed per code using H clips where applicable. 2×6 Construction full shear.


Electrical rough-in per engineered plans to include:

⦿ 20 – LED canister lights
⦿ 11 – 110v outlets
⦿ 1 – 220v outlets
⦿ 3 – Base black sconce lights ($30-dollar allowance per sconce)

Connection to sub panel is included. Wire to subpanel and conduit is extra Luxe Development Group Inc. dba Arizona Garage Builders Inc. will run the line (at an additional cost of $12.50 per ft. for trenching only) to existing panel. Pricing does not include any upgrades to existing panel

For trenching, pricing of $12.50 per ft. is based on having a clear run (no obstacles) such as concrete, brickwork, tree’s etc…(additional fee)



⦿ Tile (Shed Style)


⦿ Spray Foam Insulation


⦿ Install 1- 200120 Clopay garage door with Jack Shaft Motor Insulated  ($3,200 Allowance anything above client pays)


⦿ Stucco, to match existing home as close as possible



⦿ Install 3 – per plan Ply Gem Low E Windows (FX)
⦿ Install 2 – per plan Ply Gem Low E Windows (FX)


⦿ Match to existing home as close as possible 


⦿ Not included in bid if required by the City


⦿ Install 1 – 36” x 80” (Fiberglass fire rated 20 min)  




⦿ White


⦿ All drywall to be installed with screws in field, perimeter nails, taped and finished to a level 3 finish


⦿ 15 yd. Dumpster to be provided as necessary to store and remove debris


⦿ Lavatory on site for duration of project


Unfortunately, we have had some bad apples and have to disclose that not all things in our renderings are representative of all things you may or may not receive. For example, if we have a pine tree or pool for a visual representation (this does not mean you get the pool or pine tree) Yep… we have had that customer. So please make sure you review your agreement thoroughly with your representative before you sign.

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