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Building a new Home, RV garage, Casita or anything for that matter can be a scary process if you have never been through it before. 

How do you find the best contractor for the job? Will my money be safe? Will construction go as planned?

Any type of construction is expensive and time consuming and entails many things to get the project done right. So you want to choose a contractor with the right experience, a contractor you can trust to get the build done right, on time and on budget!

Luxe Development Group DBA Arizona Garage Builders IS that company! We have been building for over 25 years. We have built hundreds of homes, garages and casitas and we are in the top 2% of all contractors in all of Arizona! (There are over 72,000 of them by the way!) So we feel that says something!

Luxe Development Group DBA Arizona Garage Builders is a modern company using only the latest state of the art software. Not only do you get 3D renderings with over 15 images of your potential project (has any other builder done that for you?), we also utilize BuilderTrend which gives you the ability to see your project’s schedule, communicate with us seamlessly through this Cloud based software, see every aspect of your project’s build (typically over 300 images) have the ability to make progress payments, and see your project as it unfolds all at the touch of your fingertips! Never, has the construction process been easier…..How cool is that?!



  • Luxe Development Group Inc DBA Arizona Garage Builders Inc. will build  your (425 sq. ft.) Pool House/Pergola (250 sq. ft.) w/ 9’ Ceilings. AGB will acquire all engineered plans and permits and submit on your behalf.


Permits & Engineering

  • Luxe Development Group Inc. DBA Arizona Garage Builders shall complete permit applications and make submissions to the municipality for all building and mechanical permits required.  Standard permit fees have been excluded and will be billed as a change order upon request per the municipality. 
  • Engineered plans have been included in your proposal and agreement.

Blue Stake Site

  • Requirement by the state of Arizona to check for underground utilities before we dig.

Termite Pre-Treatment

  • Ground will be pre-treated prior to construction and is included in pricing with a 3 year warranty.

Grading and Excavation

  • Excavate for foundation per architectural plan drawings and all excavated soils to be stockpiled for use during back fill. Unsuitable soil conditions at, or above, plan bottom are unknowns and cannot be budgeted for prior to excavation. ie. Rock, soft clays, sinkholes, etc. these will incur additional costs of $225 per hour.
  • It is unknown whether or not we will require fill dirt in order to bring your new build to meet county requirements. As such, Luxe Development Group Inc. DBA Arizona Garage Builders cannot include any fill related items into the original bid, as each build and area are unique. Any fill needed to bring your building to level will be charged as a change order at $225 per hour plus $24 per ton for fill dirt.
  • Builder will back fill foundation with existing excavated soils. Excess soils shall be graded out on property if possible, if not possible to grade out, expenses for hauling off-site any excess soils will be charged to the client at $225 an hour plus dump fees.
  • Luxe Development Group Inc DBA Arizona Garage Builders Inc. will not be held responsible for damage to or replacement of irrigation lines, sprinkler lines, water lines, gas lines, electric lines, phone lines or cable TV lines not shown on blue stake prior to excavation.



  • Poured concrete per engineered plans to include #4 rebar, forms, footings and slab. 

Exterior Doors

  • 1- 36″ x 80″ (Fiberglass door fire rated to 20 min)

Interior Door

  • 1- 36″x 80″ Six panel hollow core door


  • Due to mass fluctuation in lumber costs over the past year and the current length of the permitting process, the lumber portion of your project will be reviewed at the time of ordering your framing and truss packages. If there is a difference in what was proposed and what the current lumber costs are, it will reflect in either a change order for the increase or a credit towards your project if costs come down.  All lumber costs will be spelled out in the beginning of your project.
  • All lumber and framing materials sized and spaced per approved construction drawings. Materials, where applicable, to be kiln dried.
  • Wall sheathing shall be oriented strand board installed per code using H clips where applicable. 2×6 Construction.


  • 29/64 in. x 3-1/4 in. PVC Composite White Colonial Base Molding, Durable white finish resists dents and scratches. Does not crack, split or warp

Interior Painting

  • Color choice of client (Behr Paint)

Exterior Painting

  • Color choice of client (Behr Paint)


  • 2- 5012 Ply Gem Low E windows



  • Tile to match existing home as close as possible per engineered plans


  • 10- 110v GFI outlets
  • 14- LED canister lights
  • 1- 220v GFI outlets 
  • 1- 50 amp outlet (RV plug)
  • 1- 100 amp sub- panel
  • 2- Exterior Sconce lights ($60 allowance per unit)


  •  Install 1- Hose bib


  • Install 1- 3 ton Midea AC system with up to 6 registers to include 10 year manufacture warranty.

Exterior Finish

  • Knock down stucco finish to match home as close as possible.  Smooth stucco finish and pop outs are an additional charge.



  • Install – Open cell spray foam insulation on the Roof deck 5.5″ and interior walls 3.5″ Spray foam insulation is superior to batt insulation and helps with keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


  • All drywall to be installed with screws in the field, perimeter nails, taped and finished to a level 3 finish (knockdown).  Square corners are standard.  Bullnose corners and pop-outs are an additional charge.


  • $6,500 Allowance on cabinets and counter-tops, anything above the client pays
  • Per plan – 4 Upper Hampton Bay Cabinets (White, Gray, Mocha)
  • Per plan – 4 Lower Hampton Bay Cabinets (White, Gray, Mocha)
  • Formica Counter-tops
  • Appliances NOT included 


  • Install 1 – Standard toilet ($200 allowance, anything above the client pays)
  • Install 1 – Base/Standard fiberglass tub/shower combo ($575 allowance, anything above client pays)
  • Install 1 – Rheems Performance 18 kW Self-Modulating 3.51 GPM Tankless Electric Water Heater ($450 Allowance)
  • Install 1 – Base vanity ($500 allowance, anything above the client pays)



  • N/A


  • N/A

Garage Doors

  •  Install 1- Clopay 120140 T42 base garage door with side mount jackshaft motor with wifi- (short or long panel) client’s choice.
  • Any other garage model or features, client to pay the difference.


  • Client credit of $1,200 and choice of tile. This is to include installation costs. (Anything above client pays the difference.)


  • For trenching of electrical lines, plumbing lines, gas lines, water lines etc. there will be a charge of $25 per ft. plus materials. This is based on having a clear run (no obstacles) such as concrete, brickwork, pavers, trees etc. this would incur additional fees at $225 per hour for labor and equipment.

  • If Hand-trenching is required, this is billed at $75 per ft plus materials.

we look forward to building your dream!

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